• 3 Day Course
  • Test fee and VAT included in the price
  • 1-1 Training
  • Private training area for reversing / manoeuvres
  • Our training site is 5 mins from the HGV Test Centre
  • £1555.00

This course is designed for those who have their C Category passed already.

We always recommend booking an assessment initially for £60 incl VAT. We can then offer you guidance as to whether the 3 day course will be right for you.

See the course details and price here : https://godrivinglgv.co.uk/events/ce-licence-articulated-truck/

Coming Soon …15th Nov onwards

Car to C+E

The government is poised to change the law so that you can go from a B car licence straight to C+E Articulated Licence.

From 15th Nov you can go from car licence to Cat C+E (Articulated truck). However you must have the correct provisional licence for this. any new provisional applied for AFTER 15th Nov will be ok, but if you were granted your provisional licence before this you must apply for a new provisional or go through the old method of C Category then C+E Category.

At the moment we still recommend taking your C Category licence then C+E. You may well be quicker than waiting for the new system anyway.

See the course details and price here : https://godrivinglgv.co.uk/events/ce-licence-car-to-ce-course-articulated-truck/

The new course will be split into 2 parts :-

  • Part One – Reversing Exercise, Uncoupling Exercise, CPC Mod 4 and some driving – usually in a rigid 18 tonne truck (2 days). Part 3a of the LGV Test will be taken at the end of day two.
  • Part Two – Driving the Articulated Truck. Part 3b of the LGV Test will be taken at the end of day three.

** Please note – you cannot move on to the driving and Part 3b of the test until you have passed Part 3a (The reverse and uncouple)

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